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  • Published: 09 October 2019
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Comments • 38

  • The Messenger
    The Messenger  2 weeks back

    Can’t wait for the white version of this

    • eL Champorado
      eL Champorado  3 weeks back

      We need pure White entertainment too! I want to see how the black people will react 😂😂😂

      • Roses Gustavsson
        Roses Gustavsson  3 weeks back

        Tyler Perry, In an echo of praise ~ Tyler Perry is an Iconic Genius. Because I Live Outside the USA, ever since I heard his name, and have had the Great Pleasure of Viewing his Superb Comedy Productions of "Madiera" I have fallen with Laughing Aching Stitches in Hopless Admiration for More Tyler Perry..There is to be Found ~ in his Comedy a Mirror and a Big Message. And Only Recently Learning of the Expansion of his Success is Not Limited to 'Comedy'. Today in Hello, I Learn Tyler Perry, as a Writer Producer, and Director is Releasing for the Screen of Entertainment " The Oval "...OMG...After seeing Trailer Clips of this New Production, I Sincerely Hope I can enjoy having the experience of Watching Episodes here through BETNetworks or what-ev-er Media Formant here in My Swiss Region. Congratulations and BRAVO to his Success and a Hugh Rapturous BRAVO to Black American Entertainment which has So Excelled Beyond the Level of Achievement , and Marvelous Priorities in Mastery 'exceptional' Brilliance. I'll be Watching.

      • Josh Durant
        Josh Durant  1 months back

        6 million views for what tho? 🤣

        • phard2345
          phard2345  1 months back

          Family let us not get too carried away... Although a great achievement (congrats TP) , it is less than 5% of what we need to create our own story our own narrative to showcase ourselves to the rest of the world. A Black Hollywood is very much needed and only a Black owned, Black run Hollywood will do. Peace.

          • The Messenger
            The Messenger  2 weeks back


          • phard2345
            phard2345  4 weeks back

            Size matter not Sister, we need a whole industry of our own that will serve us globally in the film and entertainment field. So I am talking about many different genres of film and Animation and Documentary and other creative spaces that we are yet to explore. We called for Black Hollywood, but now we need far more than just movies...

          • QueenCoCoaMocha
            QueenCoCoaMocha  4 weeks back

            He owns Tyler Perry Studios which is bigger than all of the studios in white Hollywood LA (warner bros universal, walt disney etc) combined and its built on the largest confederate compound ground. He just getting started damn

          GAMES HIGHLIGHTS  1 months back

          5.9 million views )))) What ?????

        • Nisha
          Nisha  1 months back


          • chelsea Moore
            chelsea Moore  1 months back

            His shows be on BET every day though and u can buy his plays for the low low at wal mart!

            • A.Frank Blunt
              A.Frank Blunt  1 months back

              I have no fav Tyler Faggy movies. Dude is way to comfortable in a dress and wig and gets mad when people say he gay af or in the closet. Ur only fooling your mistress (beard) bruh. FOH

              • Sarah McGee
                Sarah McGee  4 weeks back

                I love all of Tyler Perry's movies. His lifestyle is HIS BUSINESS!! He's a very smart man!!

              • Young Microwave
                Young Microwave  1 months back

                Lol wow you're mad

            • Hamptino
              Hamptino  1 months back

              5.9 million views... 37 likes

            • Sparta Lee
              Sparta Lee  1 months back

              The reason it has all this views is cause YouTube is promoting this.

              All hail Susan 😅😅😅

              • Luis 14
                Luis 14  2 weeks back

                Is an ad

              • FuckShit Records
                FuckShit Records  1 months back

                No, BET have to pay youtube. U could even pay youtube and get ur videos played before other videos

            • Trent Montgomery
              Trent Montgomery  1 months back

              Proverbs 28:27 this I have kept from a youth, what yet do I lack?

              • Movie matics
                Movie matics  1 months back

                How much a month?

                • OJ’s Bloody Glove
                  OJ’s Bloody Glove  1 months back

                  How has this got 5.9 million views and only 3 comments?

                  • janiah
                    janiah  1 months back

                    Because its an ad that runs before a video so they didn't actually click on it and it still counts as a view.

                  • FuckShit Records
                    FuckShit Records  1 months back

                    Sponsored ad nobody clicks on thses

                  • FuckShit Records
                    FuckShit Records  1 months back

                    StuardnX18 sponsorship

                  • FuckShit Records
                    FuckShit Records  1 months back

                    StuardnX18 it’s a advert sponsored around youtube

                  • Daniel
                    Daniel  1 months back

                    Cus it was a sponsored ad so that’s just the total views

                • marlon harrison
                  marlon harrison  1 months back

                  I love BET+

                  • Kqueen El
                    Kqueen El  1 months back

                    We need a madea returns🙌🏾!