New York Activists Explain What Motivates Them To Copwatch | Copwatch America


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  • whatit isn't
    whatit isn't  7 hours back

    NYPD is a organized criminal organization. the police are domestic terrorist. the anglo-american world power is crumbling.

    • TheEricaxl
      TheEricaxl  8 hours back

      Y'all are just waitin to get killed by them Police..

      • DLR Express, LLC
        DLR Express, LLC  9 hours back

        I respect this movement. How do I become a cop watcher?

        • DLR Express, LLC
          DLR Express, LLC  6 hours back

          @whatit isn't lol

        • whatit isn't
          whatit isn't  6 hours back

          @DLR Express, LLC maybe look into social media. 😂😂😂. it's everybody's business your comment is public 😂😂😂

        • DLR Express, LLC
          DLR Express, LLC  7 hours back

          @whatit isn't they said to use your phone. I'm speaking on how do I become apart of this movement. Mind your business.

        • whatit isn't
          whatit isn't  7 hours back

          they told you in the video

      • stlmtndew
        stlmtndew  3 days back

        Was watching this show earlier

        • Tnt Boom
          Tnt Boom  1 weeks back

          The bridge between cops and civilians was brought in by civilians that do not understand. People like these people create the hate instead of trying to change the criminal aspect of society. If police are nice to scum criminals then what’s the point of policing? More and more police are hesitant on protecting themselves as well as the community due to people like this. Filming will not change nothing, laws have to be enforced one way or another cause if not catastrophe happens. People brought race in it not the police. Statistics shows where the violence comes from

          • Joseph Briggs
            Joseph Briggs  2 weeks back

            What happened to nycresistance who was one of the original copwatchers in New York?

            • Dylan Mathews
              Dylan Mathews  2 weeks back

              This is a dumbass show

              • Rommie26
                Rommie26  3 weeks back

                I bet these cop watchers get so mad and exhausted when they realize the majority of their filming comes out to nothing but professionalism lmao

                • Joseph Briggs
                  Joseph Briggs  2 weeks back

                  Rommie26 you just said it, thanks

                • Rommie26
                  Rommie26  2 weeks back

                  Joseph Briggs no there’s some watchers that watch from a distance
                  If a cop is really crooked they gonna do what they do regardless

                • Joseph Briggs
                  Joseph Briggs  2 weeks back

                  Police are on their best behaviour when being watched duhhh

              • Gino Rogers
                Gino Rogers  3 weeks back

                DONT any of these people work smh

                • Tl S
                  Tl S  2 weeks back

                  Gino Rogers If they don’t work, they need to be paid with our tax dollars. It’s a shame that we even need Cop Watchers!!

              • Shaddad N. Salem
                Shaddad N. Salem  4 weeks back

                Funny how BET promotes aggression towards the police but wont help build the disfunctions within the minority community. Whether its fatherlessness, drug epidemic, black on black crime, or education. Focus on build the community not dividing it. Shame on you BET.

                • Hulk One
                  Hulk One  4 days back

                  No such thing as black on black crime. Every ethnicity kills one another

                • victornewman06
                  victornewman06  4 days back

                  It's funny you frame this as aggressions against police, then try and deflect to black-on-black crime. What makes you pinpoint dysfunction as synonymous to black? I'm honestly asking this question. Because I'm in these communities.

              • MirrorMommy
                MirrorMommy  1 months back

                Yes 💔🖤

                • jay d
                  jay d  1 months back

                  We shouldn't still have to fight for anything now

                  • jay d
                    jay d  1 months back

                    What's the point of a camera they still do what they want to

                    • Monica Brown
                      Monica Brown  22 hours back

                      We show everyone how they really treat us

                  • RompeToto
                    RompeToto  1 months back

                    I like how these so called “activists” act innocently on film yet I’ve seen them once scream out nuisance/profanity and things that were inappropriate in front of my children. There’s ways to go about a protest but screaming out and wishing death on police and their families is mind boggling. I like how this film doesn’t include that.

                    • TPC 3
                      TPC 3  6 hours back

                      whatit isn't that directed towards me???

                    • whatit isn't
                      whatit isn't  7 hours back

                      do you? do you really? I understand how you might be offended, because of the language in front of your children. ? how do really feel about the cops murdering black people? maybe when your children hear those words, it's a time to teach them about what is really going on in this world today. extraordinary times. the Bible describes these times as critical, hard to deal with.

                    • TPC 3
                      TPC 3  2 weeks back

                      Joseph Briggs bigot? Really? There you go. Throw that word out there. Or racist... Whenever an idiot like you is confronted with a fact or a statistic that you don’t like. You are the one who is uneducated. You believe only what you want. Not the truth. Keep believing your lies. Nothing will ever change in minority communities as long as others keep being blamed for their personal shortcomings.

                    • Joseph Briggs
                      Joseph Briggs  2 weeks back

                      TPC 3 there you go, I knew I was communicating with a racist uneducated bigot, I refuse to have any kind of dialogue with you, have a nice day.

                    • TPC 3
                      TPC 3  2 weeks back

                      Joseph Briggs all the major cities where there have been protests over shootings (most which are ruled JUSTIFIED) were crime ridden shitholes to begin with. Now the police become straight reactionary instead of proactive due to fear of being fired or arrested for doing their jobs. And it’s not working out too well for any of them. Take Baltimore for instance. After the Freddie Grey bullshit, nobody wants to go looking for bad guys and crime has spiked even further.
                      Newsflash.... When a city is predominantly minority inhabited, minorities are going to be dealt with at much higher rates. But like most liberal morons, you don’t pay attention to facts and stats. Just what your liberal news media outlets and democrat politicians tell you to.

                  • Naiel Thomas
                    Naiel Thomas  1 months back


                    • Kay C.
                      Kay C.  1 months back

                      Thank you black activist...So needed... Need more!!!!!

                      • DdiVine1
                        DdiVine1  1 months back

                        Police need help..the community wikk document their success and make aware of their failures